Peacebuilding Across Cultures

A unique model authored, developed and empirically tested, Ms. Hummel has created an adaptation to the Western Facilitative Mediation Model into a paradigm that more closely aligns with Non-Western cultures. This model has been used successfully in the training of delegations from over 25 nations. In this highly interactive training, Denise Hummel utilizes extensive research related to the specific region, culture, and unique issues in question to train participants to resolve conflict effectively when the conflict is impacted by cultural differences. The first phase of the process involves an on-sight visit and interview of participants in order to further adapt this unique model to meet the needs of the individual circumstances. The conflict paradigm is further adapted at that time to meet the unique needs and circumstances related to the conflict. It is the goal of the training to equip participants to train others in the community, business, or governing body to utilize the model whenever and wherever it is needed. Ms. Hummel has trained organizations, businesses, and government delegations from more than 25 countries around the globe who have then gone on to train their colleagues and countrymen and collaborate to create positive work environments, community solutions regarding cultural conflict, as well as an increase in effective communication related to geo-political conflict across borders. She has been accepted into the Speaker & Specialist Program of the U.S. State Department largely due to the effectiveness of this model. Grant funds may be available to fund this training on an as-needed basis for those entities and nations unable to participate in the fee for services program.