Peace Education Elementary, Middle, and High School Curriculum & Workshops

In an ideal world, with adequate educational budgets in the public school system, we would be teaching our children tolerance from the time they are first learning their ABC's. Why? Because tolerance is a learned behavior and the earlier we learn it, the easier and more significantly we can incorporate it into our everyday lives. Hummel has developed a full semester curriculum, as well as individual workshops related to understanding how cultural differences are analyzed, how to recognize our own bias, and how to move on to create an atmosphere of understanding. There is a series of interactive exercises, appropriate for each grade level, that make the curriculum as fun as it is informative. Hummel utilizes the creative arts including video, audio, movement, music and other mediums to convey her message. The goal in this train the trainer oriented program is for children to become global citizens and ambassadors of peace. Older children go on to train children in younger grades making the program self-perpetuating and independent once the initial group is trained. It is our hope that if this curriculum someday becomes mandatory, it would have a profound effect, not only on our campuses, that would ripple on a global level, leading to a shift from war to peace.